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Avoiding Computer Issues

I have never been someone who is great with computers, but a few months ago I came across a problem I could fix. I was so proud of myself that I realized there were probably other ways to prevent issues, so I started working on learning more about preventing computer problems. I attended a continuing education class designed to teach people how to avoid problems, and it really helped me to keep my workspace clean, tidy, and functional. I decided to create a blog for other people like me, who haven't had great luck with computers in the past. Check it out!

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IT Support To Improve Your Office Network

Is your office dealing with a slow internet connection? If so and you aren't getting the MBPS that you are paying for then you may need to obtain some maintenance or repairs on the equipment that you are using or the setup that your office is equipped with. To ensure you maximize your internet speeds it is best to hire IT tech support that can come out to your office location and perform the following:

WIFI Extenders Installations:

If your office is located in a large building then making sure that your WIFI covers the entire office is critical, especially if your employees do a lot of file sharing. To maximize WIFI coverage, having a technician install WIFI extenders can be just what your office needs. Your technician will be able to sync each extender with your modem and this will allow your WIFI coverage to be improved.

Switch Setups:

Not only is it an important maintenance to improve the performance of your WIFi, but if your systems also run off of an ethernet connection then having a more efficient setup with your ethernet cables can be a very effective service to obtain. A technician will be able to provide less delay between your modem and computer systems as he or she will be able to avoid the need for long ethernet cables by installing a switch that will help allow for more flexibility when setting up ethernet connections. This will allow you to set up multiple connection ports throughout the office so you can avoid having to run ethernet cables across the office just to set up a computer system to the network.

Adjust Radio Frequencies:

Radio frequencies can also impact the speed of your office network and if your office is running the internet connection on the same radio frequency as the offices next door then this could interfere with your network. Having a technician service your office will allow you to avoid running on the same frequency as other nearby offices so your network can run efficiently and quickly to ensure a faster internet connection.

Receiving repairs and maintenance like this on your office network setup is a great way to improve the overall performance of your internet connection. Not only will this improve speeds but this can enhance the quality of your internet connection so you can avoid potential drop connections or delays due to a poor connection. So, instead of assuming you need to replace your equipment entirely, definitely consider these services and maintenance options that an IT tech support team can offer to you.